Client Testimonials

We have been extremely fortunate to have had Victoria cook regularly for us for over a year and a half now. With busy schedules and two young children, it would have been virtually impossible to have home cooked meals most weeknights without her. Victoria's cooking is delicious, healthy, resourceful, and creative, and is completely tailored to her clients' (and their kids) preferences. She is an expert chef, is dedicated to quality, healthy, and most importantly FLAVORFUL meals, and takes the time to pass along tips and knowledge if you are interested. Victoria is truly a pleasure to work with, and is great with kids as an added bonus. We cannot recommend her enough!

Tara L., Fremont, CA

We've been working with Healthy Chef Victoria for 9 months now with remarkable results. Her attention to detail (doing the grocery shopping, picking the healthiest items for our family, providing weekly menus ahead of time each week, catering to our specific health and taste needs, introducing healthy varieties to our meals, etc.) is a breath of fresh air for us. With everybody having such busy schedules in our family of 4, it's nice that we can all come home to a nice home cooked meal (cooked in our own kitchen). She's always on time, very particular about cleanliness and very professional in her overall service. I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for a personal chef that's got a strong track record (judging from other reviews), solid resume and easy to work with.

Karl V., Fremont, CA

Being a single dad with 2 kids in grade school, I needed to learn how to prepare healthy meals as efficiently as possible. The alternative was to starve or eat fast food all the time. So I hired Healthy Chef to provide evening meals at my home in San Ramon. I learned about nutrition and basics of cooking and now I cook on my own. If you are looking for help in this area, I highly recommend Victoria!

Chuck M., San Ramon, CA